Important News Regarding Demands of Government Employees

Important News Regarding Demands of Government Employees.

APCA Pakistan News: As a result of APCA’s historic sit-in on October 14, a committee was formed under the leadership of Mr. Pervez Ahmed Khan Khattak, Mr. Ali Muhammad Khan and Mr. Shehzad Arbab, nominated by the Prime Minister. Will announce approval of demands on December 23 as promised in a meeting, insha Allah.

Important demands were to upgrade the federal clerks, increase their salaries and pensions, and give house rent on new scales.

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Important News Regarding Demands of Government Employees

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Adviser on Finance and Revenue Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh said that the current model of salaries and pensions is not sustainable.

The inaugural meeting of the Commission 2020 was held in which the head of the commission Miss Nargis Sethi and senior experts from the public and private sector, secretaries of the federation, provinces and Gilgit-Baltistan and concerned government officials attended the meeting.

Will be able to come up with a financially viable solution to mainstream the basic pay scales, allowances and pensions.