Proposals For Opening of Educational Institutes In Pakistan

Proposals For Opening of Educational Institutes In Pakistan

As you are aware the Government of Pakistan had closed all educational institutions the aftermath of COVID19 for public health reasons.

As of now educational institutions are closed till 15 July 2020. The inter-provincial Education Ministers Conference is scheduled for 2 July 2020 wherein the recommendations for further Closure or opening of institutions will be formulated  before presentation at the NCC forum.

The Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training is conducting an internal exercise to firm up proposals for potential opening of educational institutions as a potential opt,an You are request. to draw up plans for potential reopening of educational institutions under your jurisdiction.

The proposals should include a tentative date. detailed plans for opening  (i.e whether complete opening, staggered opening or alternate days etc.) as well as detail SOPs to be followed to protect the students and staff from COVID19.



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