Grant of M.Phil Allowance MS Degree Holders @ 5000/- Per Month Baluchistan

Government of Baluchistan, Finance Department has issued Notification on 11-04-2018 in connection with grant of M.Phil Allowance MS Degree Holders @ 5000/- Per Month Baluchistan. Detail is as under:

Reference to this Department’s circulars No. FD(R)III-42/95/1058 1115 dated 28th May, 1995. No. FD(R-I)III-42/2012/3161 -3311 dated 24th September, 2012. No. FD(R-I)III-42/2015/430-550 dated 3rdMarch, 2015, 2015, letter No.FD(R-I)III-42/2016/1762 dated 4th August. 2016 addressed to the Accountant General Baluchistan and in suppression of circular No. FD(R-I)III-2/2009/846-946 dated 25th May, 2009, the Government of Baluchistan has been pleased to allow / extend the M Phil Allowance @ Rs.5,000/- p.m. to M.S. Degree Holders of this Provincial Government, duly recognized / declared as equivalent to M.Phil. degree by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) with immediate effect.

The existing terms and conditions of admissibility of the above Allowance will remain the same as specified in the above referred circulars.



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