Grant One Time Higher Time Scale

Grant One Time Higher Time Scale

The undersigned is directed to state that officers / officials from BS-12 to BS-17 belonging to the IT Cadre are working in FBR (Hq) and its field formation throughout the country and incumbents have so far rendered more than 05 to 25 years service. However, due to limited scope of promotion, they are waiting for promotion for a long time.

  1. Keeping in view the above position, the matter has been considered and the competent authority i.e. Secretary Revenue Division / Chairman, FBR has been pleased to approval the proposals for grant of one time higher time scale to the following posts of IT Cadre of FBR as per following methodology: –
Sr. No.PostFromToYear of service required for next higher pay scale
1.*Data Entry Operator



BS-12BS-135 years as KPO/DEO (BS-10 to BS-12)
BS-13BS-1410 years as KPO/DEO (BS-10 to BS-12)
BS-14BS-1515 years as KPO/DEO (BS-10 to BS-12)
BS-15BS-1620 years as KPO/DEO (BS-10 to BS-12)
2.**MIS OfficerBS-16BS-1710 years or above
3.***Assistant Director (MIS)BS-17BS-1810 years or above
  • The posts of Key Punch Operator (KPO/KPV)BS-10 were re-designated and up-graded as DEO (BS-12) vide Finance Division`s M. No. F.1(10)R-1/2010-234, dated 12th May, 2011,

**   The post of Data Processing Supervisor / Data Control Supervisor / Key Punch Supervisor, Data Control Supervisor, Data Control Assistant and Data Coder were re-designated and upgraded as Data Processing Assistant (BS-16) and subsequently, the posts of data Processing Assistant (BS-16) and computer Operator (BS-16) were re-designated as MIS Officer (BS-16) vide FBR`s letter C.No. 3(2) SSM/2012(09) 16879-R, dated 2nd February, 2012,

***    The posts of Data Processing Officer (BS-17), Programmer / Assistant Programmer (BS-17) were re-designated as Assistant Director (MIS) (BS-17) vide FBR`s letter C.No. 3(2) SSM/2012(09)16879-R, dated 2nd February, 2012 (Copy Attached)

  1. The above proposal was shared with Finance Division Vide this office O.M. 8(6)/TT/2017-MIR-III dated 17.03.2017 to which Finance Division suggested that matter may be taken up with Establishment Division. As such Establishment Division is therefore requested to consider the proposal and accordingly granted concurrence.

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