FD.PR.2-1/2009 dated 31st January 2018: I am directed to refer to the subject noted above and to state that the Governor of the Punjab has been pleased to revise the rates of special allowance from 20 to 50 % of the Basic pay Scales 2008, as frozen on 30.06.2011 in favor of employees of Punjab Civil Secretariat(BS- 1 to BS 22_ working/posted in Punjab Civil Secretariat, Lahore and drawing pay from payroll of Secretariat Departments with effect from 01-02-2017. The said allowances will not be treated as a part of emoluments for the purpose of calculation of pension/commutation.

  1. The officers/officials of Punjab Civil Secretariat who joined service on or after 01-07-2011 shall be entitled for the grant of special allowance@ 50% of initial Basic Pay, 2008. Moreover, the officers/officials who were promoted/upgraded on or after 01.07.2017 will be entitled to Special Allowance @ 50 % of the Basic Pay of Pay Scales 2008 as on 30.06.2011 subject to 50% of minimum of Pay Scales 2008 against which such employees have been promoted/upgraded.

Special Allowance will not be admissible to the following categories:i) The officers/officials of Punjab Civil Secretariat Departments, on deputation or posted by transfer outside the Secretariat including attached departments, field formations and Autonomous bodies.

ii) Secretariat employees during extra ordinary leave, study leave, long leave for 120 days or more , training abroad or under suspension.

iii) The officers ( belonging to judiciary ) deputed in Law or other department in the Punjab Civil Secretariat who ar in receipt of judicial allowance.

iv) The administrative secretaries (BS-20 and above) already allowed special allowance vide FD.PR.6-7/2006 dated 11.2006.

v) The officer/official of Punjab civil secretariat while posted in other departments in secretariat who are in receipt of departments specific allowance.

vi) The officers/officials of non secretariat offices deputed to work in the Punjab Civil Secretariat if already in receipt of departments specific allowance,

vii) The employees in Special Education Department at secretariat level are already in receipt of Special Allowance.

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