Hill Area Allowance, Government of the Punjab

Hill Area Allowance, Government of the Punjab

Government of the Punjab, Finance Department  issued a Notification bearing No.FD.SR-1/9-21/2018 dated 28-12-2018 regarding Hill Area Allowance to Employees Working in Fort Munro & Tehsil Tribal Area (Koh-e-Sulman) .

I am directed to state that Governor of the Punjab has been pleased to sanction the facility of Hill Area Allowance for the Government servants of the Punjab Government working / posted in Fort Munro Area and Tehsil Tribal Area (Koh-e-Sulman) D.G Khan at the rates mentioned below:

S. No Scales Rates
1 BPS-01 to BPS-15 Rs. 1000/- Per Month
2 BPS-16 Rs. 1500/- Per Month
3 BPS-17 and Above Rs. 2000/- Per Month

The other terms and conditions remain same.

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