Government of the Punjab vide his notification No.SO(A-I)8-30/2011 dated 20-04-2018

Apropos the Subject.

2.               In the wake of sad incident occurred while playing “Tamachadar Kabaddi” at Government High School 115/15-L Mian Channu Khanewal , it is advised that the following preventive measures should be taken school administration for playing games in schools during recess time and game period:-


  • Games/Sports must be carried out under the supervision of PT/Sports in charge. If no teacher of physical education is available then some other interested/energetic teacher may be deputed for the purpose.
  • Sports Committees be established in Schools. It is better to establish for each sport. The Committee must include a teacher and student (s).
  • The Schedule of games period or detail of games during recess must be prepared and should be displayed in the office of Head of the institution.
  • All Preventive measures should be taken during the games.
  • Wearing of guards, gloves, pads and other preventive accessories must be made compulsory for students participated in the games.
  • All games/sports which may cause physical harm to the students like “Tamachadar Kabaddi”  are permissible in schools.
  • Counseling sessions/guidelines of “Safety First” may be arranged by teacher in charge on regular basis.
  • First aid kit or other essential items required for first aid may be made available in schools.
  1. I am, therefore, to request you to ensure implementation of the above directions/instruction in letter and spirit in all government and private educational institutions in Punjab.
  2. This may be treated on top priority.


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