Time Scale Promotion To Employees In BS-01 to BS-04

Government of The Punjab Finance Department allowed four times promotion vide No. FD.PC.39-14/77(Pti.IV)(APCA/2008)(PROVL.)

I am directed to state that in supersession of this Department’s notification No.FD.PC.39-14/77(Pt.IV)(APCA/2008) dated 17.06.2014,Governor of the Punjab has been pleased to decide that employees in BS-1 to BS-4 may be allowed up-gradation into next pay scales, four times in whole service, instead of two times, on satisfactory completion of 8, 16, 24 and 30 years’ service from the date of regular appointment.



2. However, the aforesaid structure would be implemented after fulfillment of following conditions which would also be reflected in the existing service rules through amendment in the respective Service Rules in the prescribed manner-




i) Recruitment of employees in BS-1 to BS-4 should be made in a transparent manner after due process.


ii) There should be a proper mechanism to assess job performance.



iii) Drivers should be skilled, have experience, certification in service or before service. They must be required to pass periodic mandatory tests to ensure safety and security of vehicles and passengers.


iv) Refresher courses should be conducted periodically for employees in BS-1 to BS-4.


v) Gardeners (Malis) and Cooks may be got trained from Institutions like PHA and College of Tourism and Hotel Management respectively.


vi) Administrative Departments should look into the up-grading of skills through methods and modes of their employees in BS-1 to BS-4.


3. Those who have already availed benefit (one step w.e.f. 01.07.2007 in pursuance of Para 2 of this Department’s notification No.FD.PC.32-7/2007 dated 10.09.2007 and second step w.e.f. 01.07.2014 in terms of this Department’s notifications No.FD.PC.39-14/77(Pt.IV)(APCA/2008) dated 17.06.2014) would get remaining benefit as per new formula referred to above with-immediate effect.

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Time Scale Promotion To Employees In BS-01 to BS-04






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